First Let's Test How Healthy Your Saliva Glands Are

Sit still and spit into a small cup for 1 minute. This is called "resting saliva". You should make at least a quarter of a ml in that minute. Then chew on a rubber band for another minute and collect that saliva. This is called "functional saliva". Compare the two saliva amounts. Your functional saliva (second amount) should be at least four times your resting saliva.

Testing Saliva Volume

1. What You Should Do If You Make Enough Saliva

If you are producing sufficient saliva, then it is important to protect the saliva glands from getting worse. You need to pay attention to your lifestyle choices.

a): Lifestyle choices that can affect saliva production and saliva gland health are fairly obvious. But include:

  • Limiting or avoiding Alcohol 
  • Stopping all Smoking
  • Limiting or stopping Recreational drugs
  • Seeing if you can change some of your prescription medication

 A lot of medications will affect saliva volumes. In fact most of the main prescription groups affect it. (Blood Pressure, Allergy medicine, Anxiety Medication etc). In fact a study in 2002 showed that a person aged over 50yrs has a 50% increase risk of dry mouth due to medicines.

b): Recaldent Chewing Gum to your daily diet. This particular gum is available in many flavours. And it has amazing properties:

  • Contains CPP-ACP to help stop tooth decay
  • Protects teeth by negating acid attacks from dry mouth

2. What You Should Do If You DO NOT Make Enough Saliva

There is an extra step you can do if you do not make enough saliva. Of course you still need to implement all the lifestyle avoidance steps given above. And you need to be way more strict. Lack of saliva can quickly and significantly damage your teeth and gums (within 6months in some cases).

c): GC Dry Mouth Gel. This gel is a clear neutral pH gel that provides oral comfort and lubrication to the mouth. It also helps to stimulate saliva. GC Dry Mouth Gel can form a protective coating on the gums and cheeks providing up to 4 hours of relief from dry mouth. It is recommended to apply the Dry Mouth Gel at night before sleep.

Important information. Please avoid all commercial mouthwash, even if they are for dry mouth, as most contain acid and will increase tooth sensitivity and cause long term issues. Repeat the test often. 

I hope this information has helped you. 

At present time these products (Recaldent Gum and Dry Mouth Gel) are the best on the market in our opinion. Please treat saliva function as an important issue, as your mouth and teeth can quickly be damaged if you disregard your signs and symptoms. 

Some Information on BreezeCare Oral Health Clinic

Remember everything we use and recommend we have tested in the laboratories, and then passed for safety regulations so that we know we are helping your oral health and tackling your condition at the same time.

We manufacture in small volumes to ensure high quality. What we offer is specific products for dry mouth that we know work. And we are so confidant in what we do that you are welcome to come to our clinic in Edgecliff, Sydney and have a free consultation if you are not 100% satisfied.

And let us be honest, we cannot fix everyone by simply selling products over the Internet. Sometimes you need that "one on one" consult to truly understand the individual problem.

    But what I can say is that we have been doing this since 1981, and we get results. We are proud of what we do and what we offer. Now it is up to you to try our protocol and see how it works for you. Please give us feedback, and visit us if you need more help.