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Why Do I Need All These Products. Most cases of bad breath come from multiple sources such as the tongue, teeth, gums and throat. Because of this to effectively treat bad breath you should use a suite of products rather than relying on a hero product only. We test patients every day at our BreezeCare Clinic in Edgecliff and we have found that the KForce Treatments are a truly effective treatment for this embarrassing condition. Thats why we offer a Guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your results, we will offer you a Free Consultation at our Edgecliff Clinic to review your individual case.

Where is My Order Shipping From. All orders will be shipped from our Edgecliff BreezeCare Clinic. We use various Postal Services. and only charge you the actual cost of the post to us. When you place your order, you will see our actual postage costs. In Australia, we ship with Sendle Courier Service and Australia Post. For International Orders we ship with UPS Courier , EMS and Sendle Courier.

How Long Do I Do The Treatment For. Bad Breath is due to an imbalance of mouth and throat bacteria. Normal commercial products are designed to clean teeth, but do not successfully tackle bad breath. You already know this otherwise you would not be considering purchasing our products. Our treatments use special non-foaming pastes and gels and mouthwash not available elsewhere. Should you stop using these special products and go back to your normal store bought products, then your problem will return. It is no different to stopping taking vitamins. You will lose the benefits.

I Cannot Buy This Every Month, Should I Start It At All. Most definitely yes you should undertake the program for one to three months depending on the severity of your issues. This is sufficient time to get control back of your life and achieve clean fresh breath. Once you understand our program, we can offer you certain shortcuts that may benefit you. For example you may want to use either the Toothpaste for both tongue and teeth cleaning. This avoids you having to buy extra products. All of this is possible once you understand the system and have your breath under control.

Are Your Products Safe For Pregnancy Or Breast Feeding. We do not test any of our mouthwashes or toothpastes or tongue gels. So we recommend you consult your doctor for a final decision on this question. But we feel these products would not be any different than using normal toothpaste and mouthwash. As you are not ingesting them, there should be no issues. We definitely have never received any reports of adverse affects on use.

Do You Sell In Shops. We believe that to successfully tackle bad breath you need professional help. Unfortunately the corner store or supermarket shop assistant cannot offer this. To ensure our products are used correctly we want to keep close contact to all our customers and help them with specific questions or problems. All KForce Treatments we develop are created knowing that most patients usually cannot come to see us. So all treatments are easy to use, self explanatory kits, that will tackle all known causes of bad breath.

Is Bad Breath Contagious. Bad breath is not contagious. It is caused by common body bacteria breaking down proteins in the mouth for metabolism. You cannot cough on someone and give them bad breath. However it is definitely possible to transfer pathogenic bacteria to someone you kiss. Such bacteria that cause gum disease or sore throats can easily transfer between mouths. This is an important reason why you should use our system to ensure that you have a clean mouth protected by the power of KForce.

My Floss Smells Is This Bad Breath. Bad Breath bacteria live all through the mouth, throat and nasal areas, as well as the gums. Therefore people that do not floss every twelve hours will have a buildup of these smelly anaerobic bacteria and their sulphur compounds trapped in the biofilm below the gums. It is very important to remove these bacteria as quickly as possible as they can lead to gum disease and bad breath.

My Bad Breath Smells Faecal Do I Have A Bowel Problem. Bacteria that live in the bowels and produce faecal smells, have cousins that have similar metabolic pathways, that live in the mouth. So mouth bacteria can cause faecal smells. It is just the method of metabolism. It is the same principle why mouth bacteria can make a "rotten egg gas" smell. It doesn't mean you ate eggs for lunch. It is the bacterial breakdown method.

Is A Tongue Coating Normal. This is a totally individual thing. Tongue coating is a combination of saliva, bacteria, and by product. For hygiene purposes you should clean your tongue every day (using our recommended cleaning method). In a bad breath sufferer, the bacteria in the tongue coating is an accumulation of anaerobic bacteria and sulphur compounds that cause bad breath. So for bad breath patients, tongue coating is not good. For people with fresh breath, it is a different accumulation of bacteria, so it probably is not as bad. What you can say, is that coating on the front two thirds of the tongue should be kept to a minimum and is usually easy to clean away. However coating on the back third of the tongue, past the gag reflex, is not as easy to maintain. Coating in this area is commonly seen in patients with post nasal drip.

Which Proteins Cause Bad Breath. The three main proteins that cause bad breath are dairy, nasal mucous and bleeding gums. Dairy causes a double problem as not only is it a protein source for bad breath bacteria but also it thickens nasal mucous making it harder to clear away. Of all the dairy products, cheese is the worst offender followed closely by yogurts, ice cream, and milk. Replace your dairy intake with Rice Milk available from the Supermarket. This milk is a carbohydrate source so it will not stimulate the bad breath bacteria. People that do not tongue clean sufficiently will be high in Hydrogen Sulphide or Rotten Egg Breath. A concentration of 112 parts per billion is sufficient for this odour to become apparent.

If Your Products Don't Work Can I Send Them Back. We offer a personal guarantee for customers who use our KForce Treatments. We understand that as a new customer you are sceptical (as there are a lot of shonks on the Internet). So if for any reason you are not entirely satisfied with the results, we welcome you to attend our Edgecliff Clinic for a Free Consultation and receive an individual review of your issues.